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At Martina M. Reynolds, DDS, your health and the health of our staff are of the utmost importance.  To ensure your health and the health of our staff, we do follow usual universal precautions in our operatories and office. Additionally, every half hour to an hour we wipe down the waiting room and common spaces with disinfectant.

For the protection of all our patients and staff due the recent outbreak of coronavirus, we are requesting the following:

  • If you have an illness or are exhibiting symptoms, we recommend you cancel and reschedule your dental appointment. Some illness and symptoms include:
    • a cold or the flu
    • fever or nausea
    • severe headaches or body aches
    • muscle or stomach pain, chest pain or difficulty breathing
    • vomiting or diarrhea
    • active tuberculosis (TB)
    • mumps, measles, chickenpox
    • other contagious disease
  • Please notify our staff before your appointment if you or someone you are in close contact with have recently traveled to one of the countries with large outbreaks of COVID-19 (ex. China, Italy, Iran, South Korea) or if you have been exposed to someone else who was diagnosed with COVID-19 or who was quarantined as a precaution.

If you are healthy, there’s no need to cancel your regularly scheduled dental appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.   The below links provide additional information regarding the coronavirus:

Our team will continue to monitor the situation and provide updated information when warranted.  Thank you for your patronage.

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Everyone benefits from a healthy smile that allows them to eat, speak and enjoy their social life normally whether young or old, aspiring performer or established professional. Having good oral health and teeth you aren’t ashamed to share can change both how you see yourself and how others see you.


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With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Martina Reynolds provides her patients with dental care consisting of straightforward communication and appropriate treatment. Offering comprehensive care in Central Park, Midtown Manhattan, and across the surrounding neighborhoods.

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The quality of your oral health connects directly to your quality of life; Dr. Martina Reynolds provides compassionate attention and proven treatment to improve both.

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Monday: 9 to 5:30 by Appointment only
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Friday: by Appointment only


Due to the on going Covid-19 pandemic we here at Dr. Martina Reynolds DDS are cancelling all patients appointments until the quarantine mandate is lifted. At which time we will contact you to reschedule your appointments. If you have an emergency Dr. Reynolds can be contacted via her cellphone.

Our team will continue to monitor the situation and provide updated information when warranted. Thank you for your patronage.

Be well and stay safe.

Martina M. Reynolds, DDS


Our Services

Thanks to the advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, we are able to improve your teeth and smiles with quick, painless and surprisingly affordable treatments.
Extensive research shows oral bacteria can advance into the body. Martina Reynolds, DDS, offers gum disease care and root canal treatment when necessary to address oral infection from her office in Central Park, and delivers gentle treatment to fully restore oral health.
A preventive program is a cooperative effort by the patient, dentist, and dental staff to preserve the natural dentition and supporting structures by preventing the onset, progress, and recurrence of dental diseases and conditions.
At our practice, we appreciate that every child is different and we like to introduce them to dental care by telling, showing, and doing any procedure at their individual pace, creating a positive experience.
Whether you have trauma, swelling, or pain that requires more urgent care, Dr. Martina Reynolds will ensure you receive prompt treatment. Those in Manhattan near Central Park, Midtown, and surrounding areas can count on our office for quality care without delay.



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