Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Central Park

Dr. Martina Reynolds and her team provide all that you need to rebuild your smile. Whether you have experienced severe dental trauma, or are looking to reverse the effects of wear and tear, our practice in Central Park offers comprehensive rehabilitative services. We will help you achieve your highest aesthetic goals, or simply restore the comfort of a smile that works as it should.

Contact us if you have dental imperfections, missing teeth, or damage that needs a solution tailored to you.

Restoring Beautiful Smiles to Improve Daily Life
Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Our dental team provides excellent treatments, addressing your needs as effectively as possible. We have specialists on staff to handle complex concerns, allowing you convenient access to a full range of care providers. From consultation to treatment, we manage the many aspects of your care while ensuring a positive dental experience. It is our goal to re-establish your oral health and make it so you can speak, chew, and smile as naturally as possible. Our expert care addresses the following dental issues:

·         Missing Teeth
·         Stained Teeth
·         Cracks, Chips, and Gaps
·         Extraneous Gum Tissue
·         Teeth Decay
·         TMJ Problems
·         Unevenly Worn Teeth

A Personalized and Comprehensive Process

We begin your treatment with an in-depth consultation where we examine each part of your smile and then recommend suitable treatments for your needs. We plan appointments as efficiently as possible, especially when you require multiple procedures. Our strategy incorporates any necessary healing time for more involved treatments, but it is our goal to complete care in a short period of time and to never leave you without a fully functional smile. The following are just some of the treatments we deliver:
Dental Implant Placement and Restoration: For avulsed or extracted teeth, implants ensure your smile does not lose structure or esthetics. Our in-house specialist places implants while Dr. Reynolds takes care of the restorations.

Teeth Whitening: We offer chairside and take-home Zoom! Teeth Whitening. With the take-home version, you are given enough gel to whiten teeth for months, as long as you return for routine hygiene visits. In-house whitening is completed within an hour and can be used to brighten teeth before veneers are placed.

Custom Porcelain Veneers: These address chips, cracks, and gaps that impact the appeal of your smile. Veneers are porcelain shells that mask imperfections and create a uniform aesthetic.

Tissue Grafting and Crown Lengthening
: Gum and bone tissues can be worn away by periodontitis or forceful brushing, but we reverse this damage with grafting procedures that rebuild the structure. In the case a smile has excessive soft tissue, we can alter the gum line to support a more natural smile.

TMJ Appliances
: Many patients grind or clench their teeth at night causing undue wear and inflaming muscles in the jaw. We offer occlusal splints to separate teeth and relieve jaw pressure.

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We offer a uniquely comprehensive approach to dental care that matches one or more treatments to address individual needs. Dr. Reynolds and her experienced staff find satisfaction in realizing a patient’s goals and give them a smile to be proud of. Patients near Central Park, Midtown Manhattan, and across the neighboring communities visit our practice for restorative and cosmetic solutions. 

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